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Tips for Choosing the Best Immigration Lawyer

Tips for Choosing the Best Immigration Lawyer

Tips for Choosing the Best Immigration Lawyer - Milovic LawStarting your immigration case can be an exciting, but scary and even a confusing time in your life. The process of a non-immigrant visa or green card is an intimate and personal one that requires your emotional, mental and financial investment from beginning to end. Having a quality immigration lawyer by your side is the best choice you can make in this journey.

Regardless of how simple or complex your case is, an excellent attorney can make all the difference. If you are overwhelmed by the number of options out there, or not sure how to start finding the right lawyer for you, this list can help get you started.

  1. Research, Research, Research. To ensure the best possible outcome in your immigration case, you need a great immigration lawyer.  To get to this point, you need to research your future lawyer. When it comes to finding a good immigration lawyer, the internet can be your best friend. A good starting point is searching for your potential lawyer on their respective State Bar website. Each State Bar has its own website where you can enter the lawyer’s name and find out if they are actively allowed to practice law, if they have ever been disciplined, and more. For example, here is the Arizona State Bar website.

Next, head to Google, Facebook or Yelp to read reviews from the lawyer’s clients. You can get a first-hand account of people’s personal experiences with that respective lawyer; how they felt about the representation, and what kind of results their case had. Don’t forget to visit the lawyer’s website as well. You want an attorney whose image and information are up to date, with a website that reflects professionalism.

Note – If your potential lawyer is in another state than you, don’t worry! As long as they are licensed to practice, they can take your immigration case anywhere in the country because immigration is federal law.

  1. Ask Around.With immigration lawyers, word-of-mouth referrals are a large part of getting new clients. This is because lots of immigration clients have friends and family who also underwent an immigration case.

If you know anyone who has hired an immigration lawyer, don’t hesitate to ask them about their experience and results.  Word of mouth is a powerful resource that can lead you to a good attorney or keep you away from a bad one.

  1. A Good Attorney Doesn’t Make Promises. Dealing with an immigration case is stressful, and sometimes it’s nice to hear that everything will turn out okay. But if an immigration lawyer guarantees results in your case, or promises you a green card, run.  The U.S. immigration system is complicated, unpredictable, and unreliable. Sometimes, even the most straightforward cases can receive unexpected results. Because of a system like this, nothing is a guarantee.

Tips for Choosing the Best Immigration Lawyer - Milovic LawThe only promise a good immigration lawyer will make is to work as hard as they can on your case. They will never promise to win your case or hand you an approval notice. If an attorney promises something out of their control, you are better off without them.

  1. Your Consultation is the Attorney’s Job Interview. When you are looking for a lawyer, don’t forget that you are in charge. Consider yourself and your case like a business, looking to hire the best employee. When you go to your first consultation, use that time as a job interview. Remember, you are going to hire them to work for you. What does this attorney have to offer you? How do they make you feel? Are they taking the time to ask you questions and listen to you?

Immigration cases are very personal. Clients have to reveal personal details and documents, which can be embarrassing or intimidating. You want a lawyer that makes you feel cared for, that makes you feel comfortable and that you can trust to look out for you.

Remember that consultations are just introductions.  You aren’t committing to anything or signing a binding contract. If you don’t like how a lawyer treated you, or if they just don’t feel right for you, use that opportunity to walk away and find another lawyer. And on that note…

  1. Actually Hire a Lawyer. A good number of an immigration attorney’s clients seek them out because they had their case denied or delayed by a paralegal or document preparer.  People hire document preparers other non-licensed persons to complete their immigration paperwork due to lower fees. This may be an option that appeals to people who might not have the money for a lawyer or don’t think they even need one.

Tips for Choosing the Best Immigration Lawyer - Milovic LawNon-lawyers preparing immigration paperwork are not allowed to practice law or give you legal advice. The results can be disastrous for the client if the process is done incorrectly or without the proper documents.  Sometimes, clients might even be in more trouble than before.

Immigration cases should be completed and filed correctly the first time.  The immigration system can unforgivable and doesn’t always give second chances. Hiring a licensed lawyer saves you money, time, and valuable energy.

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