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Everything You Need to Know About the H-2B Visa

Everything You Need to Know About the H-2B VisaAlso known as a ‘non-agricultural worker visa’ or ‘guestworker program’, the H-2B visa is a nonimmigrant visa that allows foreign nationals to seek employment in the US on a seasonal or temporary basis. It’s a popular choice for skilled or unskilled workers in a wide range of non-agricultural sectors.

In this easy-to-read guide, our legal team will explain everything you need to know about the H-2B visa. From eligibility guidelines to visa fees, we’re covering it all.

Eligibility for an H-2B Visa

The H-2B visa status is managed by the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). This visa allows employers to hire non-agricultural foreign nationals to secure jobs in the United States on a seasonal or temporary basis.

To qualify, non-agricultural employers must verify the following:

  • There are not enough employees available in the United States to do the jobs.
  • Employing a foreign national to perform the tasks will not adversely affect US employees.
  • The job is temporary.

Employers can verify that the jobs are temporary in several ways, including showing that the tasks are seasonal, the tasks are to be performed within a given timeframe, the work is to be done on an intermittent basis, or that there are peak workloads at a given period.

As with many other visas, the H-2B visa has an annual limit of 66,000 noncitizens, so the USCIS will only accept applications only for people who are exempt from the cap once the limit has been reached.

H-2B Visa Petition

Everything You Need to Know About the H-2B VisaOnce the Department of Labor approves the work permit, the employer must file an I-129 petition for the worker within their jurisdiction.

Once the INS Service Center approves the petition, the prospective employees can apply for an H-2B visa at the US consulate in their home countries.

If the employee is already in the US, they can file in the US under particular conditions.

H-2B Visa Duration of Stay

The H-2B visa is valid for a period of three years. Once the three-year duration has elapsed, the employee cannot apply to change or extend status unless the individual has resided outside the US for the previous 6 months.

Individuals must obtain the H-2B visa in annual increments with optional extensions of up to one year acceptable until the three years have elapsed.

H-2B Visa Application Process

Everything You Need to Know About the H-2B VisaEmployers must first apply for a temporary labor certification with the DOL. Once the labor certification has been approved, employers must submit the I-129 form to the USCIS. Once the USCIS approves this form, the employee is required to apply to the State Department to enter the United States.

H-2B Visa Fees and Cost

The H-2B visa fees include filing fees paid for the H-2B Visa Petition by the prospective employer. The employee must also pay a visa fee at the U.S consulate. As of January 2021, the current USCIS processing fee for the H-2B visa is $460, however, this number is subject to change. For current figures, visit the USCIS website.

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