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Employment Based Green Card Process



There are several categories of employees that qualify for a green card via their U.S. employer. Each category has only a certain number of green cards available each year. Usually, more people apply within a fiscal year than there are green cards available, so applicants are picked through a lottery process. There are some key features to an employment based green card so that you can qualify. Hiring a knowledgable and dedicated attorney is crucial to the success of the process.

For starters, to qualify for an Employment Based Green Card, you must have a full time job offer, and the U.S. employer must be willing to sponsor your green card process. That means paying USCIS filing fees and other legal fees, possibly.

Employment Based Preference Categories

Employment First Preference (EB-1): Priority Workers

Employment Second Preference (EB-2): Workers with advanced degrees or exceptional ability.

Employment Third Preference (EB-3): Professionals, skilled workers, or unskilled workers.

Employment Fourth Preference (EB-4): Religious workers, miscellaneous workers, special immigrants

Employment Fifth Preference (EB-5): Individual investors willing to invest $1,000,000 in a U.S. business or $500,000 in a business in a rural or economically depressed area.

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